PD29 - Black Digital Cut Photo Badge

Black Digital Cut Photo Badge

You can have a 58mm or 77mm size badge with this design.

(text) Edward's 31st Birthday


Please read carefully:

  1. Orders with a single photo can be bought instantly online (below) or by email if you prefer.

  2. Due to the amount of graphic design work for a full digital cut (cutting a person out), we can only allow 1 photo per order with this type of photo badge design. If you want to use multiple photos please choose a different photo badge style. If you prefer not to order instantly - email makeabadge@me.com ask for PD29, let us know the text to go on, and attach your photo.

  3. Text is added onto the badge exactly as you put it in the order or email. It is up to you to remember punctuation, capital letters and spellings.

  4. Your photo quality will determine the results. With this design: your order could be placed on hold if parts of the person are missing. Please note we can't use copyrighted images e.g. a famous person/character/logo. This design can't have two people or use the full body.

  5. DISCOUNTS - If you are ordering 50+ of these Photo badges just add our current promotion code P40 into the shopping cart to get an extra 40% off your order - in addition to the cart bulk order discounts.


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