Available in 38mm, 58mm or 77mm size badge.



We can put your graphic or logo onto a badge (as long as you have rights to use the image). You can either order your badges instantly below or by email.  If you have more than 1 image you MUST order by email.

No photos - This is the place to order logo's or artwork on badges. We do have a large range of photo badges

Graphics - Your graphic will be placed onto a white background using this service. We can also add plain black text. Supply a nice large sized image with good resolution to get the best results. We do not accept graphics inside sofware files e.g. Powerpoint.

Full Artwork - Please make sure you have included a very generous bleed (extra background) and do NOT include any circle lines on the design. Your artwork quality will affect print quality. No need to make artwork badge sized. We accept PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF (and PDF by email). We do not open software files.

Ordering by email - (badges from £1.25 before bulk discounts)


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