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1. Remember that we will add the text onto the badge exactly as you put it in the order. It is up to you to remember punctuation, capital letters and spellings. Please email in any orders with foreign letter accents (for example ê) as the shopping cart can sometimes remove them. No emoji's please.

2. Please choose your colours wisely. We reserve the right to outline any text that would be virtually invisible e.g. black on purple. If you want your text to be two or more different colours or have a different colour scheme then please email instead and we can set up custom text badges (for an extra fee). NB: Colours may appear differently depending on your computer/device settings.


Badge Size NB: 38mm can't fit much text
Background Colour
Text Colour
Text Line 1 1-4 lines of text. We will centre the text
Text Line 2 and reserve the right to rearrange text to get
Text Line 3 you the best fit (which may be over 6 lines).
Text Line 4 NB: Add all text to line 1 and we will find best fit.
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NB: If you select free preview, please allow 24 hours (weekdays) for our email. We will not process your order until you have replied to our email and approved the design.